"A woman is the full circle; within her is the power to create, nurture and transform." Diane Mariechild

Hello, welcome and congratulations! I'm Angela, The Cotswold Doula, and I am an experienced midwife offering my knowledge, love and passion for pregnant mums and babies as a doula, with experiential, informational and practical support on a one to one basis.


All About Angela, The Cotswold Doula

I have been incredibly blessed to care for thousands of mums, babies and their partners at every stage of their journeys into parenthood. Every one of them was a unique experience and filled me with as much excitement as the one before them. Helping beautiful mums like you is where my heart lays. 
I am so happy you are looking for a doula; the support will help you considerably at a time when you most need and deserve it. 
Whether you are earlier on in your pregnancy, close to your baby's birth, planning for or already at home with your new baby, it is 'normal' at this exciting time to experience a mixture of thoughts, emotions and anxieties and need experienced support.



Angela Duncan, The Cotswold Doula

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